Please use one of the following options to get in touch with us.

Email Contact

However, before you send a mail with a question, please check if the answer is already given on one of the following pages.

Otherwise please email us, if you have questions, ideas or requests and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We have a Skype account for direct contact. Please consider that we also need some sleep and are not on the machine 24h a day, if you do not get a direct answer. You can find us in Skype with the name beyondtellerrand.

Contact – the old fashioned way

You want to send a postcard or other presents? No problem, please send it to:

beyond tellerrand
c/o Marc Thiele
An der Alten Kur 27
47804 Krefeld

You can also download our vCard and import it into your address book.

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