We are proud and happy to announce our PRE- and POST-conference workshops on Tuesday, April 24th and Friday, April 27th, 2012. All workshops are held by some of the greatest trainers you can expect for the certain topic. We have organized fantastic workshops for you, covering a lot of inspiring and interesting topics. Seb Lee-Delisle, Rob Bateman and Sascha Wolter are sharing their knowledge with you for a full day and Tom Krcha is giving a half day workshop about how to program games with Starling.

Join one of the intensive workshops with a limited number of 20 seats per workshop. Tickets for the full-day workshops are €350 and for the half-day Starling workshop €79 per ticket.

Please note: All workshops are ”Bring your own laptop“. A computer will not be provided.

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Pre-Conference Workshops on April 24th

This is where you find the pre-conference workshops taking place on April 24th. If you are looking for the post-conference workshops, please scroll down or click here

Tom Krcha

Games with Starling with Tom Krcha

In this 4h half-day workshop you will learn how to build a 2D game on the new GPU accelerated pipeline Stage3D in Flash Player 11. The workshop will cover working with Starling framework, physics engine, particle engine and more. You will also learn the best practices of deploying the game to iOS and Android with Adobe AIR.

What prerequisite skills do you need?

Basic knowledge of ActionScript 3 programming

This workshop is held in English and starting at 1pm sharp!

What hardware/software do you need?

This half-day workshop is available for just €79 (including VAT and booking fees!)

Seb Lee-Delisle

Creative JS for Designers with Seb Lee-Delisle

This is a brand new course for 2012 and is part of Seb's campaign to get more people into programming. Designers and artists can make the best creative coders, but coding can seem scary. And programmers generally do little to make it seem easier.

This course is aimed at people with no coding experience at all, but are interested in experimenting with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas to create visual effects, animations, and interactions. And let's face it, it's a more interesting way to learn JavaScript than form validation.

By the end of the day, you'll be amazed at your experiments and be well on your way to become an accomplished creative coder.

This workshop is held in English!

What hardware/software do you need?

  • »Laptop
  • »Any modern browser (ideally Chrome or Chromium)
  • »Text editor of your choice (Seb favours TextMate)
Sascha Wolter

Hardware and Software Prototyping 101 with Sascha Wolter

Nowadays desktop and browser apps are available not only for traditional PCs. We have to deal with more and more devices and screen sizes. It requires that designers and developers have to explore new ways of thinking and have to discover new approaches. Fortunately the acquired knowledge is not lost: Adapt it and build around new, technology independent concepts.

Sascha shows how to design and create this new way of interactive systems with natural user interfaces. He also shows similarities and differences of various technologies such as Flash, .NET (Silverlight, Windows Phone) and HTML/JavaScript and presents essential concepts. Content developers as well as designers and developers get all the tools for planning, designing and programming of new and promising applications.

This workshop is held in German!

What hardware/software do you need?

Post-Conference Workshops on April 27th

This is where you find the post-conference workshops taking place on April 27th. If you are looking for the pre-conference workshops, please scroll up or click here

Seb Lee-Delisle

Creative JS and HTML5 with Seb Lee-Delisle

Over the last few months, creative coder extraordinaire Seb Lee-Delisle has been inspiring programmers worldwide in the art of creative coding with JavaScript and HTML5. His workshops in the USA sold out within hours and now he's coming home for this special one day introductory version of this course.

What you will get from this workshop?

The workshop will start off with the basics of rendering into an HTML5 canvas, and animating simple objects. We will then learn that physics simulations don't need to be rocket science. And what better way to use physics than to make a particle system with sparks, smoke and explosions? The HTML5 canvas API will be covered, and we will learn how to use some lesser known aspects of it to create generative artwork. The workshop will also examine the differences between using canvas, and DOM elements to help choose which one is right for us. Finally we will explore some techniques that will help us towards building a simple JavaScript game.

What prerequisite skills do you need?

The examples start off very simply and gradually get more complex. So whether you're just starting out in JavaScript or if you're a more experienced coder, you'll still get a lot out of the training.

This workshop is held in English!

What hardware/software do you need?

  • »Laptop
  • »Any modern browser (ideally Chrome or Chromium)
  • »Text editor of your choice (Seb favours TextMate)
Rob Bateman

Step into the 3rd Dimension with Rob Bateman

This workshop is a beginners guide to the world of 3D in Flash 11, with help from the popular open source library Away3D. Discover how to harness the GPU accelerated world of Stage3D and create beautifully detailed 3D games and application running in the Flash Player.

This intensive one day course is the perfect primer for anyone interested in expanding their Flash knowledge into the 3rd dimension. We’ll start with how to build a basic 3D interface, adding interaction, animation and asset loading as we go along, all from within the Away3D framework. Tips for performance optimising and scene management will be covered in detail, along with some fun things to do with 3D when it is used in combination with other libraries such as Augmented Reality and physics.

The course is aimed at developers and code-oriented designers interested in creating their first 3D applications in Flash

This workshop is held in English!

What hardware/software do you need?

  • »Mac or PC-based laptop
  • »Coding IDE (FlashBuilder, FDT, FlashDevelop, Intellij) setup to publish to Flash 11
  • »Debug version of Flash Player 11.1

What prerequisite skills do you need?

  • »Solid grounding in AS3
  • »Good knowledge of the IDE you use

You'll learn…

  • »How to write your first Stage3D-accelerated 3D application with Away3D 4.0
  • »How to import, display and animate 3D resources
  • »How to manage the basic 3D classes (view, scene and camera)
  • »How to introduce interaction to a 3D scene
  • »How to optimise your content for the best performance and download size

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